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Autism Parenting Magazine wants parents and caregivers to unite to help each other. Our writing guidelines are simple.

Ideally, the topic needs to be relevant to the magazine. Any topic that is related to parenting a child with autism or being a person on the spectrum that is parenting would be a relevant topic. Released on a monthly basis, the magazine features the latest news, tips and advice for parents of children with Asperger’s Syndrome, Kanner’s Autism and PDD-NOS. With helpful advice that covers subjects like: behavioral tips, sensory processing issues, mitigating meltdowns, special education needs and getting access to services, we are confident that the magazine will become a must read for parents of autis- tic children.

We do ask that you submit a topic, title or idea of the ar- ticle to make sure that someone hasn’t already covered the same thing by emailing the editor. You may use a blog post that you have posted on your blog already.


At the end of your article please include a few sentences about yourself and your writing or autism related back- ground with links to your site or products.

If you have something interesting or informative to share please contact us.

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Allyson - April 30, 2013 Reply

I am a pediatric speech-language pathologist with 12 years of experience working with children on all parts of the spectrum. I have worked in early intervention, but now I primarily work with school-age students. I would be happy to answer questions or write on any topics related to speech therapy in a public school or in a home- based setting.

Susan Diamond - May 7, 2013 Reply

Hi, I am a speech-language pathologist and published author of “Social Rules for Kids.” I have the honor of working with people on the spectrum. I also like to share information and tips on social skills by writing blogs for the Alameda Patch, Mom’s for Mom’s community, and Specialism. I would like to share with Autism Parenting Magazine as well. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
All the Best, Susan

Timothy Moriaty - June 11, 2013 Reply

I am a father of three children with severe autism. All are non-verbal and still not full potty trained. I have twin boys who are 12 and a 14 yr old daughter! I would love to share my story with your readers because our life is very unique and unusual but it is a inspiring story. love to hear back from you thanks Tim

Anniette Maldonado - June 20, 2013 Reply

I am currently a Special Education graduate student as well as a practicing preschool teacher for students with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays in the fourth largest school district in the nation. Taking into consideration the young population I work with, as well as the immeasurable need for family support at this stage, it is important that teachers share valuable information with parents, and become the families’ number one resource provider. I would like to publish a book review in Autism Parenting Magazine of a book that serves as a practical guide for parents of children with autism (Parenting Your Child with Autism: Practical Solutions, Strategies, and Advice for Helping Your Family by Anjaly Sastry and Blaise Aguirre). I hope to hear from you in the near future.


Nick Malcuit - September 18, 2013 Reply

Hi. Our blended family of four has been together for over eleven years now and being a stepfather to two teen boys has changed my life. While this is now a labor of love I’d love to share our story, interact with others and hopefully provide some support for other families especially those “non-traditional” families who are struggling.

Jon Gilbert - February 3, 2014 Reply

I am a father of two children with autism: one PDD-NOS, and one with Classic Autism. I have written about autism, both online and in print (please see my website), I teach kids with autism in a specialized program, I am a state-level autism awareness/acceptance advocate, have run several support groups and co-founded an autism resource center. I also perform comedy on stage, and, in a non-demeaning way, autism nearly always finds a way into my material.

I would love to share stories, anecdotes, helpful information and acceptance/awareness advocacy advice or any other autism-related topic. I also enjoy answering questions, and being “put to the challenge.” If readers would be interested in any of these topics, let me know. I will also send a formal query on to the editor.


Maayan Jaffe - February 20, 2014 Reply

Dear Editor,
It is now being reported that autism spectrum disorders affect one in 88 children in America. Yet, the disorder is still ill-defined.
At the end of this month, I will be one of a handful of writers traveling on a mission to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel to report firsthand on the newsworthy research, innovation and collaborations occurring at the university.
On that trip, I will have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Idan Menashe of Israel’s Department of Public Health. Dr. Menashe’s research focuses on the genetics of autism spectrum disorders, molecular classification of complex diseases, gene-environment interactions in complex diseases and population disparities in complex diseases.
In a preliminary interview, he shared with me his most recent, groundbreaking research in autism diagnosis. He has successfully isolated seven genes upon which if there are copy number variations (CNVs) then it is almost 100 percent that the person will have or develop autism.
His research is starting to be used in genetic screening for autism. Dr. Menashe’s study is the first to prioritize these regions so that doctors know where to look for CNVs that might be associated with autism.
I would be interested in developing an article about this, and can offer case studies and practical applications that I think will deeply engage your readers.
Please let me know if we can talk further.
Thank you in advance,
Maayan Jaffe

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